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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pictures and World News Tonight Video

Anya at her pre-school Christmas Party

Mary Claire at her 2nd grade school party

Avery played Santa Claus in his pre-school Christmas skit!

Avery's pre-school parade float. The parent's put together the float and the kids ride on it in the parade. This was our 3rd year to have a child in this preschool and we have never worked as long on a float as much as this one....thank goodness we won!!!

More pictures of Anya at her Christmas Party

Anya with her teacher, Ms. Cammy. Check out all of the spilled juice and yummy cupcake all over her shirt....she sure did enjoy the food at the party.

Family pictures at the end of Avery's Christmas skit.

Mary Claire and Anya

Mary Claire all fancied up!!

Mom and Anya at Pre-school Thanksgiving Feast

The following 2 pictures were taken at a pageant that Mary Claire and Anya were in. Before, you start wondering if we do pageants and the thoughts of Toddlers and Tiara's come to your mind. The answer is "no" we do not do pageants. However, my 8 year old came home one day from school asking me if she could please be in the "prom"....what the prom???? She meant the pageant that was a fundraiser for our school. It was a "natural" pageant, meaning no makeup, no pageant dresses, no fake hair, and no fake anything for that matter. After asking a few more questions about the "prom" I told her yes and then decided I would also put Anya in it. We had no idea what we were doing, but they both did great....Mary Claire got 2nd runner up and Anya did too....Anya also got the People's Choice Award in her group. The audience voted in each category who they thought should win and Anya got it in her category. It was fun and my oldest enjoyed it. I've been told that the pageant is supposed to run on one of the next episodes of Toddler's and Tiaras, so watch for us!!!! Just kidding.
Granddad and Anya at the pageant

Pageant Girls!

As I finish this post...and it's past time for me to go to bed. I just want to speak to any of you who may be viewing this and wondering about the thought of adoption for your family. To be honest; going through the process of adoption is hard. BUT, as I was looking at all of the pictures that I have from just the 3 months that Anya has been home with us I am amazed at how well Anya is doing. She is a complete blessing to our family. She is a blessing who was months away from being transferred to an adult mental institution. I am so thankful to God for giving us Ellis Anne and through her, opening our eyes to the children of Reece's Rainbow. Adoption is worth every bit of worry, every fundraiser, every piece of paperwork, every sleepless night, the travel away from your family; adoption is worth it and it changes lives. It changed Anya's life and it is changing our lives. We are blessed. It is worth it.

In case you missed the family that adopted through Reece's Rainbow here it is....


Monday, 26 December 2011

Watch This Tonight.....

Big News Tonight......

Reece's Rainbow is going to be featured on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer. Set your DVR's. A family who adopted a little girl whose name is now Mia was accompanied by the staff of World News Tonight through their entire adoption journey and it is airing tonight. Monday, December 26th.

This is great news for Reece's Rainbow and for all of the children who are waiting for their forever families....It should be good, so don't forget to watch!!!!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Only ONE Inquiry...

There are only 10 more days left in the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree Fundraiser

I am this little girls Angel Tree Warrior

Girl, Born January 2006

Miss Anastasia is a darling little girl! She is almost 6 already and desperately needs a family. She is facing transfer to the mental institution very soon. She does have a heart condition, we are waiting to get more details on it. She also has some strabismus.

She is described as very happy and gentle. She is not walking on her own yet.

She only has 2, 214.50 in her total grant fund.

A family would need $25 to $30 in order to complete her adoption.

And the part about all of this that makes me hurt the most is that this sweet little girl who has been rejected by her parents only because she has Down syndrome
and has lived her entire life in an orphanage is that she has had...




Now that my dear friends, makes my heart hurt and my eyes swell up with tears.

Only ONE measly inquiry.

Only ONE family has ever even thought about adopting her.

Just ONE.

Only 10 more days.

Will you help me find Anastasia's family. I know that she will thrive in a family.
Can you please give this little girl a chance and maybe some hope this Christmas?

It's not too late.

Nothing is too little. You may give to Anastasia's fund by clicking on her picture which will take you to the Angel Tree page on Reece's Rainbow.

Please don't wait to make a difference in this Anastasia's life.


Depraved Indifference