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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Is it too late.....

To post pictures from Christmas?

I don't think so.

First, we went outside on Christmas Eve.

My brother and sister kept talking about these things called reindeer.

They said we needed to feed them.

Crazy I thought.

But I will try ANYTHING.

SO. I put it in my hand.

I threw it onto the grass.

And then I wanted some more.

I liked feeding the reindeer.

And I think there is something to that concept. Wouldn't you know
the next morning after feeding the reindeer I got some goodies.

After feeding the reindeer, we took our baths and all got on
the same pajamas!!! Now, this was getting out of hand.
But it was a lot of fun too!

My sister, Ellis Anne, loves music. So we turned some on and she danced.

Then we all piled on my sister's bed with daddy. None of us could be still.

Then my mom made us take ANOTHER picture.
Because one day she thinks she is going to put them in the scrapbook.

That reindeer food did work, because the next morning there were goodies for everyone.

And another picture for the scrapbook

I had a great time! You know, this sure was a great time, but I was thinking to myself just the other day, the best present I got this year was a



But don't stop reading there, because I have more pictures!!! Over the past month we have been going to doctor's appointments and squeezing in lot's of fun all at the same time. After we got Anya home we soon discovered that she has sleep apnea. As a result of this, we will be having her tonsils and adenoids taken out. This surgery date is February 15. She has spent her entire life sleeping very restlessly and so we are thankful that we are able to get this done for her.

We have had a pretty mild winter, so we have been able to take advantage of many beautiful days outside. The girls love being outside and are playing much better together. They both love swinging. We have figured out the 2 for 1 ride. Two girls in one swing!!!!!

They like trying to push, I mean help, each other down the slide

I'm tired of climbing. Come on, let's go jump for awhile!

Just recently, we celebrated Avery's 6th Birthday.

Our 6 year old!!!!

Avery requested an Angry Bird Party

This year, we went to a jump place. Anya and Ellis Anne both loved the inflatables.
Anya especially loved climbing up the tallest one there.

And other random pictures......

sitting on the potty after bath

Rubbing off on Ellis Anne (this is a good thing whether your clothes are on or off)

Looking at pictures of myself with daddy. I love to do this.

And playing with my sister.

And of course, one last picture for the scrapbook!!!

Anya continues to do great. She is learning signs like crazy and is even picking up a few words. She is enjoying school and loves to be outside. We got a puppy for Christmas and she loves tugging her around. Poor puppy. I have pictures of this for another post..hopefully it won't take me a month to post them!!! We love having her in our family and God continues to show us what a blessing she is to us and about the miracle of adoption.

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