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Saturday, 29 October 2011

WOW...Have we been B-U-S-Y!

Well, I guess I should apologize for the lack of updates, but my twins (not really twins, but it feels like it) around the house have been keeping me on my toes. So here you go....a update jam packed of pictures of what we have been doing for the last 3 weeks. I assure you we have not been doing a bunch of nothing. It has definately been busy going to all kinds of doctor appointments and also fitting in all of the fun stuff too. So, in a nutshell we have started school, gone to the dentist and then to Chuck E Cheese afterwards, taken a trip to the pumpkin patch, celebrated a birthday, gone to speak at a youth group about LIFE and our adoption journey, carved pumpkins, attended the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk, gone Trick or Treating (sorry, those pictures have not been down loaded yet), and gone to ENT and Nutrition doctor appointments at Arkansas Children's Hospital which is 2 1/2 hours away from where we that makes for a long day. Since we have been home I have been averaging 1 trip to Little Rock a week, some for appointments, one to speak to the youth group, and one for take my oldest kids, Mary Claire and Avery, to the pumpkin patch. I am hoping to slow down, but knowing what is coming down the pipeline with both of "the girls" doctor appointments, I don't think is am going to get much down time. "The girls" is now my official name for the girls, Ellis Anne and Anya. Well, without further delay.....oh wait, I did not want to leave this out because I was a proud mama....Anya has gained 3 lbs since we have been home!!!!! I knew she was eating good, but I had no idea she would gain weight that fast. Now, we are hoping that she doesn't just grow out, but up too!!!! here are the pictures....

A few pictures from the youth group that we went to speak to.

Below is a picture of Ellis Anne and my doctor, Dr. Wendel.

Dr. Wendel was my doctor when I was pregnant with Ellis Anne. Besides being a doctor to me, he was a great encouragement to Reed and me. When I was devastated about Ellis Anne having Down Syndrome he convinced me (some days :) ) that is was going to be O.K. This man goes beyond his duty of just being a doctor. It was his youth group that we spoke to about our journey with Ellis Anne and adopting Anya.


Ellis Anne turns THREE!!!!

Anya and Aunt Scarlett

My dad and Ellis Anne.

My dad and Anya (yes she only has a diaper on) I could only seem to get clothes
on the birthday girl that night and Anya did not seem to mind it one bit.

These two little girls, Ellis Anne and Anya, have stolen my dad's heart.

The Birthday Girl!!!

This is Ellis Anne's "CHEESE". Thanks know, the purple dinosaur.

I had no idea what to get Ellis Anne for her birthday. We have too many toys, and Ellis Anne is still struggling with playing with toys appropriately. On top of that, when you have children with learning disabilities, you want ALL of the toys to help them developmentally. So, after much searching I got her this....


Yep, she is IN the water table and she LOVES it! Yay!!!

Anya loves it too.

Big Kid's and Mom take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!!

Avery goes to a preschool called "The Happy House" Mrs. Jen, the teacher/owner is amazing. They take field trip once a week and have 2 BIG trips a year. One is to the pumpkin patch. It is a big field trip because it is 2 1/2 hours away and she makes a full day of it.
Families are invited and encouraged to come.
I always look forward to this field trip with my kiddos. We had a great time

Carving Pumpkins!

Ellis Anne and Mary Claire

Well, to my surprise, Anya acted like she had carved pumpkins all of her life, but I am certain that this was her first time. The kids showed her what to do and she got right in there.

First Trip to the Dentist for Anya and Ellis Anne!
No Cavities!!!

Anya made friends with her dentist.

And then what a better treat, than to go to Chuck E Cheese afterwards. Whew, I sure am glad it wasn't crowded, because after this outing I was pooped out.

In the orphanage, they went on and on about how obedient Anya was.

Hmmmm..are you serious?
Look closely at the above photograph. Do you see Anya making her way under the plastic sheet of that game. And in a few more pictures down, she is doing it again on a different game....and then guess who followed??? Yep, Ellis Anne.

This is the other picture of her going under the plastic sheet.
I have told her NO in this picture and she thinks it is funny.

Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

We did not form a team this year, due to the fact that we were in Russia, but we attended anyway. It is always fun to see friends and make new ones....and great to talk to families who have so many things in common with you.

Our family photo...

This might prove to be a challenge from now on. Not sure there is a decent one of all of us together, but it is

Anya's First Day at School

I had not intended to send Anya to school so soon, but I also had no idea that she would adjust so well. I started her in school because I thought she needed the social interaction and I did not want her to regress. She is going 3 half days a week and she LOVES it. I am not sure what her teachers would say, but I think she is doing great. She is in the 3 year old class, because that was all that was open. I would send her 5 days a week if I could.
She LOVES being around the other children.

Do you see how small she is???? This was when we first arrived.
She just stood there and stared at everyone.

The END!!!!

Depraved Indifference