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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

LOOK..New Pictures of Alice...Someone go get her!!!

Finally...a new and completely

adorable picture of Alice.

rteu-8 Date of Birth: June 2006 Gender: FemaleEyes: Brown Hair: blond Character: Sociable.

New photos available! This lovely girl was born 6/2006 at 38 weeks gestation. She is an independent, active, and can move around on her own. She feeds herself easily. She likes to play with toys. She’s had surgery for her heart condition. Alice is already 5 years old and facing the institution.


Finally, a new picture of Alice. If you follow my blog somewhat regularly, you may have seen Alice's picture on the right hand side there with the orange shirt. My family and orphan ministry team in our church have been advocating for Alice for about 9 months. You may remember this lemonade stand post where my kids and their friends raised $700.00 dollars at a lemonade stand this summer. Additionally, our orphan ministry team sponsored a "One Less" 5k run in June and raised around 3,500.00 for Alice.

Alice now has over $7,000 in her grant fund!!!!

There was not much information on Alice on Reece's Rainbow, but in the last few days, I have been in contact with some people trying to request for more information and an updated picture. Well, what do you know...I looked her up tonight and there she was...cuter than her last picture and sounds like she is one smart little girl.

Alice has 2 very serious things working against her....

1. She has no family.

2. She is five and is facing the institution NOW.




Alice has a special place in my heart because she is in the same region as Anya. Meaning that she is in an orphanage in the same city where we adopted Anya from. She is not in the same orphanage but in the same city. Alice has been waiting for SOOOOOO Long. She has been listed since the first time we laid our eyes on Anya....and she is still waiting. Her wait time is coming to a close. After her wait time is over, she will be transferred to an institution. You cannot always be adopted out of an institution. Some allow the children to be adopted out of an institution and some do not. Alice cannot wait. Won't you please join me in finding her a family? You can help my posting about her on your blog or facebook page. You can copy this entire post, so you don't have to come up with one on your own. Help me get Alice's sweet little face out there. You can also help by donating to her fund. Any amount helps her chances of becoming adopted. It's as easy as a click...just click on her picture to the right and you may donate right online. Easy as 1-2-3. Don't wait. Do it now. It is also tax deductable.

Let's find this little girl's family...sadly, she does not have much more time.



  1. Alice has been placed heavily on our hearts. Darn, she is even cuter in this new picture! I had a dream about her a couple nights ago and then stumbled upon her picture in another blog. I burst out crying for this little girl. We are in the process of finding an agency right now and began the thought process wanting a 3 year old (to be younger than my other children), however, I can't get Alice out of my head!!! My husband has actually told me to find out about her 15 minutes ago! I don't know where to begin...what to think...please pray for us HARD and for Alice (I know you are already). We want her adopted we just don't know if it us that are meant to go for it. We are Canadian and the process is a bit different than the US.

  2. Not sure you will see this Christine, but in case you do. I know the agency that Alice is listed with. It is the same one that our own Anya was with. If you wanted to know more information on her or more pictures (which will all be cuter I am sure!!! -- I seriously cannot believe someone has not scooped this little one up) I think they may have more. YOU ARE RIGHT. I am praying for Alice to find her forever family real soon...I will pray for your family also. Is she available for adoption through Canada? Keep watching her fund. I am in the process of raising more money for her. Please keep praying for her. I know a family is out there. Praying for wisdom and discernment for your family regarding Alice. I tried to find an email for you, but your profile was blocked!!! Please email me if I can help in any way!!!

  3. Stephanie, Could you e-mail me the name of the adoption agency Alice is with? I also like Christine can not get this sweet girl off my mind and have been praying for her. Our finances are not to the point where we need them to be to start a homestudy...but...I really want to inquire a little more. Thank you :-) Praying for this sweet girl as well.

  4. Stephanie, can you email me the agency info? Do you have any other info on the region she is?


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