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Monday, 14 March 2011


WOW....I am finally getting to be a part of what God has laid on my heart so heavily. So heavily that it gets me down, makes me go to bed crying, and ask God why it has to be this way. I see EVERY picture of every sweet child on the Reece's Rainbow website and wonder why, we as the body of Christ, don't do more.

Alice needs a mommy and daddy.

Antonio needs a mommy and daddy.

Kyle needs a mommy and daddy.

Why we are able to, yes, read about the plight of these children, and yes, get a feeling that they don't deserve this, but we go on about our day and do nothing....why are we so complacent? What will it take to move us? As Christians, we are here on this earth to do God's work....

We are instructed to care for the orphans, to be a father to the fatherless, to do for the least of these. Everyone can do something. Pray, Give, Go, or Adopt!

This past Sunday, my church did do something. We are a small church, but we did something. We had Orphan Sunday and we choose a child off of the Reece's Rainbow website to help raise money for. Her name is Constance. Constance is set to be transferred to a mental institution in the next couple of weeks. She is needing her family to step forward. She is also needing a larger grant fund so that her family, when she finds them, can help get her out of the institution.

I don't know about you, but I think Constance is the cutest thing ever!

Oh my goodness, she has the most amazing smile.

Look at her skinny legs...she needs a mama to spoil her.

Can you believe that in her country they just throw this kind of blessing away?

The best part of seeing these pictures was seeing how many she is smiling in.

Seriously? How do you say no to this face?

Or this one?

The more pictures I see of her, the more I wonder how on Earth it's possible that she doesn't have a family already.

In the next couple of weeks, they will wake Constance up, get her dressed, and may even feed her. After they feed her, they will take her on a ride. On the ride, Constance may see many things that she has never seen before, she may see the sky, the trees, birds chirping, and I bet she will see many animals that she has never seen before....I think she will enjoy the ride. She will enjoy the ride until it is done and they take her into the walls of the institution where there are no toys, no play sets, nothing. She will be assigned a crib or bed and this will be her new home. She will spend most of her time in her crib only getting a human touch for diaper changes, feedings, and maybe an occasional wash. She could go into shock. She will wonder what has happened, but no one will tell her, but she will know...she will know that something is wrong. She will be given no love, no attention.

This past week our church raised money for Constance. Our official totals are not out yet, but I was excited to see how the people gave to save little Constance. My church in De Queen Arkansas is doing something to save Constance. What can you do?

Burdened for these little ones,



  1. Thank you so, so much for your efforts for Constance! And amazing work by your church, I can't wait to see her grant grow. Also, I believe it is really important to spread the word so that people know about these kids... who knoes, maybe you just started to get a snowball rolling for a perspecitve adoptive family?

    I keep praying that Constance's first trip in a car won't be to an institution, but to the airport... with her family. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

    But the endless listings of children makes my heart sink. They are all so deserving, and they would surely blossom in a family setting.

    Have a nice weekends with your precious children... and soon sweet Anastasiya will be added to the mix. That makes me so happy! :)

  2. I hope that Constance finds a family soon. I really want to adopt a baby from RR someday. Praying for you and your family and for Anastasiya!


  3. Have you seen it? Constance's grant is up, thanks to your efforts! I hope this works magic for her :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Steph I'm sure you've already been told, but I know you've also been very busy being in another country and all, but Constance has been rescued!!


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