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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pictures of Anya

A few more pictures of our journey. Thank you to all who have given us suggestions on how to care for Anya's skin. This morning when she woke up, she had a rash all over her we went out with our translator to get something that might help her. Unfortunately, they don't have the same creams as we do in America; we did the best we could. We have a cleansing gel and cream that we were told was for dry skin, but it's so hard to be sure of just what you are getting in a foreign country. I applied the gel, rinsed it off and patted her skin dry tonight and then followed with the cream patting it all over her body. Praying that she will get some relief.

Overall, she is doing good. She is busy; possibly busier than Ellis Anne...BUT I didn't think that was possible. She is also very smart. She dresses herself for the most part (she put my pants on tonight while we were skyping with family). She feeds herself (a bit messy). She is a sponge (she signed "shoes" while watching a Baby Signing Times video) and she is a climber (Oh no!!!).

I see many doctor appointments coming up for us, but we expected that. She sleeps through the night but periods of it are very restless. Her teeth are in decent shape, but need attention. She needs some braces for her feet. Her skin obviously needs attention, and although we know of no heart defect she will see Ellis Anne's cardiologist at some point when we get back and settled. Lots of fun coming up in the near future!!!!

I do think that she is a little unsure of things right now. I am trying to do my best to make her feel secure. Although living in an orphanage without a mommy and daddy is a life that none of these children should have to endure, the truth is that the orphanage life was the only life she knew and in one day, it was turned upside down. I just can't wait to get her home....then we can start growing together as a family.

Here are more pictures....

Eating her porridge.
Sticking to the orphanage diet until we get a handle on her dermatitus.

Caught a giggle!

Signing papers to get her birth certificate

She loves to crawl in little spaces....

And a pretty smile before going to bed....
(we were told that she got that bruise while in the hospital)


  1. So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, can't wait to see pics of her with her brother & sisters!!

  2. Heres a suggestion I used olive oil on my sons ecema..I put a few dabs on a wash cloth and dabbed it on the rashes..itll get rid of the redness then follow up with an oilfree worked for me when you get home I could send you some
    home made cream I make.Hope this helps..

  3. SOOOoooo much to catch up on today...THANKS for the heads up :)
    Love, LOVE, LOVE & prayers to you all!! Our pediatrician might be really helpful atleast once...since she is with ACH & does Leighton, and has a son adopted from Russia...she's praying for your family too! :) Cant wait to see you!!
    She is GORGEOUS and ADORABLE, and yes, looks REALLY busy...
    All our love!!

  4. Steph when do you and Reed and Anya get back to the states? Miss you guys I love you!

  5. Sweet baby...mommy and daddy came just in time. Im so happy everything has gone relatively smooth. praying for her skin...with I could fed ex you something...I hope your travels home are quick and smooth...many many prayers!


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