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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's a No Go...

Well the surgery did not happen and we were reminded this morning that although Ellis Anne is doing wonderfully, she still is a very fragile child when it comes to going under anesthesia.

Ellis Anne has developed a runny nose over the past couple of days (no fever), and after the anesthesiologist knew that and combined it with her heart history, as well as her having down syndrome, he advised that we not do the surgery. This particular surgery requires her to be intubated and he was concerned that she may have some breathing problems coming off of the vent. Obviously, we took the doctor's advice and we will reschedule in the next couple of weeks (or when the doctor can squeeze us in since this is not an emergency).

As I said in the first paragraph, we were reminded of Ellis Anne's health and how fragile she is with her heart history. Ellis Anne's heart is doing so well and she is on ZERO, I think it took us a bit by surprise that the doctor advised us to wait. We are so thankful to God for the doctors and that they really do put Ellis Anne's health first -- they do not want to take any chances and neither do we.

We are headed home!!!!


  1. Better to be cautious, sounds like your doctors are on the ball.

    And btw, thank you!

  2. The Smith Clan will continue to pray for Ellis Anne's eyes and hope that the doctors can do the surgery soon :)


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