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Sunday, 20 May 2012


ONE LESS 5K 2012

One of my favorite runners!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported my favorite and most passionate cause; the orphans.  The race was a success and I hope everyone enjoyed the day.  Our numbers for the 5k race were up from 65 runners last year with this year having 95 runners.  This does not include numbers from the 1/4 mile and the Family Fun Run.  I don't have an official amount of money raised yet, as we are paying a few last small bills, but I think that it is safe to say that we raised at least....



all for Suzanne

This sweet little girl deserves a future.  She is currently in a mental institution where she absolutely has no future.  Please help find Suzanne's forever family!!!  If you have a blog or FB page please post about her.  It is amazing what social media can do.  You can learn about Suzanne here.

I have a gazillion pictures from the race.  I appointed myself as the official photographer...hmmm.  
I took so many.  It was hard not too.  So here they are....  

The 5:00 am crew getting ready 

 My mom, Micah Martin (adopting from Ethiopia), and Reed

Mary Claire with a couple of her friends!! 

Race Time!!!!!!

On your mark, get set, go.........

And while the runners were racing, the kids were bouncing.

And getting their faces painted

I believe this is our first finisher!!!

And this is our 3rd finisher.
(these are the serious runners!!!!)

And one of our local doctors, Jason Lofton, being super dad and 
running with 2 of his 4 children in a double stroller!!!

My nephew, Bennett.

Mary Claire and Avery

Tabulating Race Results

My DAD!!

The 1/4 mile race!!
This is the fun one to watch.  The little kids all did so great!

And she's off (and she may never come back)

Anya is super excited...I am not sure anyone had more fun than she did that day.

One of our winners, Clark Lewis.

Avery won 3rd place!

And last, but not least, a sweet little girl who was willing to stay home during the race so mommy and daddy could work.


Thanks for racing and helping us make it one less....

We can't wait till next year!!!!


  1. Wait, was the whole race for Susanne? You raised $5000.00? Oh fill me in how did you do this!!!! Is this your invention? I'm just amazed! Anya was the cutest runner!!! oMGoodness!
    And Miss Ellis Anne reminds me of a gentle princess!

  2. I wish I could of been their!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Im with Stephanie...did you all just organize this all by yourselves? I am not sure I would ever know where to start, but thank you for doing it. Suzanne does indeed deserve a future!


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