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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Anya Graduates

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Anya's recent graduation!!!!

the first three are from the church, but I didn't have my big flash with me, so they are dark...
after graduation we went over to my mom's to get some better pictures!!!

Just posting pictures tonight.....

We are attempting to jump in this picture


  1. Even if i was being eaten by ants i'd have to smile if i saw a pic of Anya! Especially in that outfit!!! Where in the world did it come from???

    Congrats to the graduate!

    Your whole family is beyond beautiful! i think picture number 6 from the top is just priceless!!!

  2. Made my day!!! JUST ADORABLE!!! All the pictures of everyone too. Thanks for sharing. God bless you all!


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