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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Makin' Mud Pies

On the 4th of July, we decided to make some mud pies.  Anya seemed to have the perfect recipe.

First, you dig down deep in the bucket and 
get one scoop full of potting soil.

Then you carefully place your mud in your mixing bowl.

Next, you sprinkle a little bit of sand into the mixture.  
This will give your pie a nice gritty texture.

Oh, Hi Mom.  Can't smile too long....I'm busy in the kitchen.

The Chef and her two eager assistants.

And if you prefer a really strong gritty texture, you sprinkle more sand into your mixing bowl.
You can never have too much sand, so don't worry if you think you are adding too much.

Meanwhile, Ellis Anne prefers to stay away from all the chaos in the kitchen.

Smart Girl!!!!

You can't tell, but she is doing a little bit of counting in this picture.
This is one of Ellis Anne's favorite thing to do right now.

Well, I am not sure what happened to the finished product, but let me assure
you we did have a mud pie or two.......

Watch Out Paula Deen!


  1. I think Ellis Anne has the right idea. Staying clean and cool.

    Anya on the other hand has no qualms about digging right in there, does she!!!

    I'm thinking i need a little kitchen like that for Em. She would be busy for hours with that.

    And i think Ellis Anne and Em are about the same size. Thinking that's kind of what Em looks like hanging in a swing too. Emmie appears bigger in photos. She just went through a massive growth spurt so i'm dying to get her new weight and height. Will post so we can see how close the girls are:)

  2. Stephanie,
    Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures. I love to see how much she is growing and doing. She is a delight! See you soon (at school).
    Ms. Tammy

  3. How precious! I just truly love your blog. Just makes my day! God bless and love to all!


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