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Monday, 8 October 2012

Saving Celine....

One of my blogging friends and fellow Down syndrome mommy, Patti, has been given a $5,000 matching grant from an anonymous donor to help save this precious child who has been waiting

seven.  long.  years.

go here to check it out.

you can even win an awesome camera.


  1. Stephanie, I left you a comment on your last post but you may not have seen it. Can you please contact me regarding little Constance? :) Thanks.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Its been awhile since I left a message. I think of you often. Anya is so precious, what sparkle is in her eyes! ALL you kiddos are so gorgeous, it is so fun to read through your posts.
    I had a dream the other night and it really caused me to think of you, and the time you spent waiting to rescue Anya. My heart went out to you, to Anya and of course my heart is breaking for those sweet ones still waiting. You know my prayer in that area...Im still praying and believing that God hears and is moving hearts : ) It just may take more time, but God knows what he is doing, of that Im sure.
    Kiss all your babies for me! One of these days, Im gonna get the chance to meet your beautiful kiddos, I just know it!
    btw, we hope to head to branson one more time this fall, may wait until Nov when SDC has lights all up. if there is ever a chance of meeting up there...please let me know!!
    Kim Knipp


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