Home 8 months!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

We are still here!!!!

With the recent ban of adoptions of Russian children by American families....I have just found it hard to blog over the past couple of months.  When I started this blog, I did it in hopes it would provide just a little insight to the adoption process and the joys that raising children with special needs brings to our family (and not to exclude the tough times too!)  

Anya, our own adopted Russian princess, has been home with us for a 1 1/2.  The adoption process was hard, but worth every effort and I cannot imagine Anya not being here with us.   But the hard part of all of this, is that now there are literally thousands of Anya's who are now stuck in the orphanages and adult mental institutions of Russia with NO HOPE!!!  Putin has banned the adoption of these children.  These children are worth so much more than what the Russian culture realizes....they are worthy....I know so.  With the feeling of helplessness hitting hard in the adoption family of Reece's Rainbow, all we have is prayer.  Right now, we are praying that President Vladimir Putin reverse the ban against the adoption of these children by Americans.

With that said, and with no blogging over the last couple of months.  So much has happened....and I can't keep up with it all, so forgive me for just sharing some pictures for the most part!

Pictures from our 3rd Annual One Less 5k whose proceeds go to benefit a child 
with Down Syndrome listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Anya giving me the "thumbs up" right before her race....

Ellis Anne enjoyed the race this year...and had lots of Mary Claire's friends to help her!

On May 12, Anya participated in her first dance recital.  She did great!!  
These pictures are from the day that we got her costume (not from the actual recital).

Here are some pictures from dress rehearsal.

Mary Claire my 10 year old!!

I didn't really get that many great pictures of Anya....but here is a couple!

Now, she really came alive backstage.

The dancers after the recital....whew, it was a great day and it wore us all out!!

Making sure she is on her "x"!!!

Just throwing this picture in...

The girls are in a local Down Syndrome calendar.  They are the month of December.

And look who visited our house!!!

The reigning Miss Arkansas, Sloane Roberts!!

My kids were in awe...

and we found out that not only was Sloane a beautiful person on the outside, 
but a beautiful Godly person on the inside.

Mary Claire and Miss Arkansas

Avery and Miss Arkansas

Trying to convince Anya to wear the crown and look at the camera...

And we did it...

And there is more....

we have graduated


we have turned 6 years old

But I'm going to save those for my next post...

Hopefully, in the near future!!

Thanks for stopping by and please remember the Russian orphans in your prayers.

They truly are the least of these and my heart breaks that with the adoption ban they have no hope!!

Please pray for Putin to reverse his decision.

Dear Jesus,

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that President Vladimir Putin reverse his decision and that ALL Russian orphans be made available for adoption again by American families.

In Jesus Name.


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