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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pictures and Adoption Update

Over the past month, we have been waiting to hear something on the status of our paperwork, however, we have heard nothing. WAITING is hard. WAITING is really hard. NOT KNOWING is hard. We have seen her and we have held her and WE LOVE HER. We want her with us and with the waiting always on our minds, it is sometimes hard to enjoy the fun summer events without wishing and praying that Anastasia was with us.

What we do know is that our paperwork is in country being translated, processed and then on to the judges desk....however, we have no idea at what point it is or how long it will take. We should expect to have a request for more paperwork, and at that point, we would atleast know that our case had made it to the judge, but we have not had that request yet. Our prayer is that God would move on our behalf and on behalf of all of the families going through the adoption process. I have to admit, it is not easy, BUT I also know that I am not here on this earth for myself, there is something more; there are children waiting and suffering. They need families. They need you.

On this freedom weekend, I encourage you to do something to enable one of the Reece's Rainbow children to get one step closer to their freedom. Donate to a grant fund of one of these children. Help them find their mommy and daddy. Visit

Adoption isn't for you????? It wasn't for me either.

and now a few pictures of the reason why we are adopting. We know that without her, our eyes would have remained closed to the realities of children with disabilities in Eastern Europe. We are so thankful that He has blessed us with her life.

If you visit here often, you will know that I can only get pictures of Ellis Anne on the go!

A face that she likes to make quite often.

Another one with her eyes closed...still trying to get a good picture

With her big sister and big brother, Mary Claire and Avery

They LOVE her so much....

God is good!

Have a great 4th of July!!!



  1. Happy 4th Stephanie to you and your precious family! Praying for a quick court date for you too!

  2. oh how wonderful! i love what you re doing for these angels. just found you, i am francines warrior and also my heart is lost to these beautiful children. i am trying to contact all warriors, I am starting a linkup every Friday called Forget-Me-Not friday to raise awareness and help find mummies for these kiddies. check out the post about it called 'rethink rulechange and really excited' would be lovely to see you linkup. love jane xxxx
    also is you know any warriors please let them know as well xxx

  3. Don't give up hope. This is God's will and God's will, will happen. No one can stop him.
    "Jesus looked at them and said, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
    Matthew 19:26
    Katy Spencer


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