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Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's her 4th Birthday!

Today she turns 4.

If she were at our house she would have a birthday celebration.

If I had her in my arms, I would tell her about the day
I saw her picture and how I knew she was the one.

If she were in my arms today, I would let her know just how perfect she is.





BUT, today I will not get to tell her these things.

Her special day will not be celebrated.

She will get no toys.

She will get no hugs.

She will not even know she turns 4 today.

We are so sad that we do not have her here with us. She deserves so much more. The good part of this story is that Anastasia has a family. There are so many others that don't. There are so many families that are willing, but unable. Each child on Reece's Rainbow is available to accept donations through their grant fund.

In honor of Anastasia's birthday, our family is giving financial donations to 2 other children. One who already has a family who is working hard to raise funds to get him. You can visit their site at and one who needs a family and has a matching 5,000 dollar grant. You can read about Albina here. Amy and Sons is doing an I pad 2 fundraiser that ends at the end of this month. Albina's matching grant also ends at the end of this month. If you would like to do something in honor of Anastasia's Birthday then I would ask that you donate to one of these children.

Brief adoption update: our part 2 of our dossier is being reviewed by our adoption agency. We are praying that it will be sent to Russia next week. Once it arrives in Russia it has to go through several steps before it ends up on the judge's desk. Once it is in the hands of the judge and it is reviewed, more paperwork will most likely be requested, after that is complete, then we should receive a court date. The timeline of all of this can be months! We were really hoping to get her by the end of the summer, but I think we are really pushing it now. However, GOD IS ABLE and we can only trust his timing.

Thank you for following our journey!

PS. If you are visiting, but never leave a comment. I am asking that you leave a birthday message for Anastasia today.



  1. My family has been praying for Anastasia, and were so thrilled to learn that she had a forever family!! Your first pictures of your visit had us all in tears of joy!! We continue to pray for your sweet, beautiful daughter, as well as you in your journey to bring her home! Happy Birthday Anastasia!!! You soon will be home in the loving arms of your forever family!!

  2. Happy Birthday Anastasia! You will be home before you know it.

  3. Bless you Stephanie, you are such a gift to me! Happy Birthday to your precious little girl who I know you will celebrating with very soon!! God Bless you my sweet friend! Praying for your court date to come quickly!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Happy Birthday Anastasia! I am praying you get to come home soon!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Anastasia! Praying the Lord will whisper to your heart today..... and tell you that your birthday gift is coming. Your family is coming. They are coming to take you home. Blessings sweet one! Thank you Lord for letting her heart know.

  6. Happy Birthday Anastasia! Would love to get to celebrate it with you one day!

  7. She is absolutely beautiful. I am sorry you didn't get to spend this birthday with her but pray she is home with you very soon.

  8. Happy Birthday Anastasia! (a little late). You were born on my anniversary so it's a favorite day of mine. I can't wait to see you at home next year celebrating with your family!

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reeces Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

  9. This is so belated, but I really want to leave a birthday message for your little sweetheart. :) Happy Birthday, Anastasia! Praying that God will envelope her with his love and protection until she's in your arms. Can't wait to see her home and surrounded with love!

    Will donate in her honor to both funds. :)

  10. Just stopped by from the RR blog list... happy birthday Anastasia!


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