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Friday, 29 April 2011

Easter in Pictures

We had a wonderful Easter and the last 3 weeks have been consumed by trying to complete our second packet of paperwork. We have met timeline obstacles...this is tough, because each day is one more day that we are without Anastasia.....

For now, hope you enjoy our Easter pictures. Yes, most of them are of Ellis Anne. This is because she and I came home earlier from church. She is so hard for me to photograph because she will not consider slowing down for a picture and she does not yet know what the camera is for and that I need her to smile for the bulky black thing that I carry around with me where ever I go. Needless to say, I thought I got some good ones of her....the bigger kids, weren't really into me taking the pictures, so I only made them do a few.

Avery hunting eggs!

Mary Claire on the hunt too....

The big kids

And following, many pictures of Ellis Anne.....

Playing in the backyard

On the move......

Still on the move. Let me tell you that this girl never quits.

Not crying here, but we are singing the song,
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
this is her "Head"!!!

She is definately crying here. She is done.

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  1. Ellis Anne is precious! I just love her little dress:) I know what you mean about them never slowind down. I can't wait to see Ellis Anne and Anastasiya together!

  2. So cute. Your kids are beautiful. One bit of advice if I may: Tell your medical and psychologist to keep those papers handy for future use as I've had to redo them twice. Our judge likes to take long vacations and so they've expired on me. She comes back on Monday!

  3. Love all the pics! Ellis Anne is gorgeous as always. I agree with Amy, can't wait to see EA & A together!

  4. Cute pictures! Ellis Anne looks like a little fairy! Can't wait to see all four kids together. Praying for your family and for Anastasia!


  5. Oh man! Your kids are beautiful, Anastasia will just add to the beauty! Hopefully, 4th of July pics!

  6. I love those beautiful outfits! Where did you get them? You have a beautiful family! I cannot wait to see how the newest addition fits in!


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