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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 3

We didn't get to go see Anastasia until the end of the day, not sure why it is that way, but we didn't ask to many questions. We had another good visit, the social worker came in and watched us with her. We were in a different room, which is where I think they have P.E. They had her dressed up in blue today complete with the big bows! Her hair was in pigtails, I think it is pretty long. Here are some pictures from our visit. This afternoon we have our last visit with her....I already know it is going to be a tough one for me....very hard to leave once you have gotten to hold and love on her. Wish we could bring her back now!

She loved trying to play with these hoops, they weren't hula hoops,
but she liked playing with them

We brought a massage therapy brush, b/c I wanted to see if she had any sensory issues with it. She doesn't it.....she loves to carry it around and brushes everyone in the room.

In the ballpit with mommy!

Getting tickled by daddy!

These next couple of pictures are in her room (her groupa). We did not get to stay long in there. Only long enough to take a picture of her bed and then they said it was time to leave.

Her bed

Korina, our translator, helps us do anything we need to do. No one speaks english. I wasn't ready for this. I thought some people would speak English, but they don', without Korina, we would be lost. One day Korina took us out to find some souvenirs; we went to a clothes to the clothes market was an open air meat market....this is not for those of you with weak was amazing the stuff they had there. The answer to your question is "NO, we did not buy anything." But there were tongues, and rabbits (with their legs still on)...quite an eye opener from a girl from Arkansas.

This is for Avery and Mary Claire; this is a lego man that we saw in the Moscow airport!
This is a picture of a Kentucky Fried Chicken...this is the ONLY American fast food restuarant the we have seen....No McDonald's. Yes, we have eaten at KFC.

Thanks for keeping up with us and for praying for us!



  1. I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Anastasia is BEAUTIFUL! Just a ray of sunshine. The McAlister family cannot wait to meet her. We are praying for you too! Love you all!

    Misty McAlister

  2. Oh she gets more beautiful each day! Praying God gives her and you all peace and comfort until she is in your arms again...

  3. ...TEARS!
    I agree with Kim...
    ALL peace and comfort until she is in your arms again...

  4. I am so glad y'all shared these pictures! We are so ready to meet her! I agree, she gets more beautiful with every new picture. I think she is the most blessed little girl in the world and she doesn't even know it, yet. Safe travels! I hope your holding up ok. I know leaving without her has to be the hardest thing in the world. You all are still in our prayers! Oh! When Blake saw Anastasia's picture he said AWWWWW! and smiled so big. He can't wait to meet her as well. Love you all!!

  5. My family has a picture of Anastasia's RR picture on our fridge and have been praying for her daily, we are overcome with emotion to see her with her forever family!! God Bless you all!!

  6. I know it is bitter sweet having to say goodbye but it just means you are that much closure to bringing her back home. I LOVE the pic of Reed tickling her...seems like she has just absolutely taken to her mommy and daddy. Praying for a safe journey back and a short wait to return to take her home for good. Love you guys!

  7. The food part was gross. I am glad I did not have to see it close up like you did. LOL!!

    Anastasia is so darn cute. I wish so badly that you could take her home this round too. Maybe you can get the rest of the paperwork done soon so you can get there to get her in a couple of months. When do they think you should be able to get a court date? Could it be like before the end of Summer or possibly end of year? I am praying for Summer and that actually seems like a long time from now.

    It is still hard to believe she is almost 4yrs old, for she looks like she is about 9-12 months old or at least the pictures look like that.

    Have fun tomorrow when you see her and of course take more pictures.



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