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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 2

Anastasia continues to be a HAM; you can't really see her personality in the pictures, but she loves the mirror. She is a total copy cat and sponge. She will do what you do....and if she can't do it, she will give it her best shot! We found out about her medical background and history today. For the most part, there are no surprises. They had her all fixed up for us again today.

She loves to take her hankie or tissue and wipe everyone's nose

Pictures of me, the head
doctor and Anastasia

We are spoiled Americans...we are spoiled.
This is the outside of the orphanage.
Reed is in the red jacket going in.

Another shot of the orphanage

We went to the orphanage around 9:00 a.m. and met with the head doctor. Her medical background told us no real surprises. She has had pneumonia 3x's and has been hospitalized for those times. She has a hernia, which we will get checked out in the states. She has dry skin, which we already knew. They think she might be allergic to certain types of food, so we will just get this all tested when we get to bring her home with us. She was born to a typical family here is Russia. She has 2 sisters who live with their family. Anastasia was brought to the orphanage at 2mths and 20 days because the family did not want to care for her. She has not been visited by any of her family since being brought to the orphanage. She will be four in May....she has never left the facility, but to be hopitalized. The orphanage is the only things these kids know. Oh, how they would blossom if they could be exposed to the attention and love they need.....they have so much potential. Anastasia has so much potential. I am already dreaming big for her.

We got to sit in on one of her speech therapy sessions. She did really well. She tries to do what her therapist asks her. Karina, our translator, said that her therapist, really loves Anastasia. I could tell....she was great with her. I thanked her at the end of the session for doing so well with Anastasia and for loving made me cry. I am going to leave you with some more pictures. We have another appointment this afternoon to see her.

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for checking in on us!!!

She is rolling a red therapy massage ball in this picture

Above more massage therapy, and above this one giving her therapist kisses!


  1. Wonderful pics! :) So nice to see the loving staff!

  2. Ahh, she is in the same baby house as my girl. Same therapist too, but it looks like a different part of the building. They really do care for the kids there I think. Anastasia is beautiful. Thanks for the pictures. :) I miss my girl more than words can tell. Hi to Karina and Lesa for me. :)Thanks!

  3. She just reminds me so much of our littles...We cant wait to meet her & hug on her!
    Thankful to God today for your heart and determination to find, love, and care for this sweet angel baby! XO

  4. Hey Stephanie,
    You ARE in the same orphanage as Elijah was! Please tell the director we said hello:):)
    I love your little girl, she's a doll!
    Amy Lucas
    (Elijah's russian name was Denis-pronounced Denise) just so you know if you mention him to the director:)

  5. Pretty in pink, what an adorable outfit. She has been tended to well, only missing out on lifes outside wonders and most importantly, mommy and daddys love, she will get it now!

  6. aww such a cutie! thanks for sharing my blog for the girls!

  7. I just noticed that Ellis Anne looks like a twin to Anastasia.

  8. OHH She is so precious.

    I saw her profile when it first came onto Reese's Rainbow and just fell in love with that sweet little face. I wished so badly that I could adopt her.
    I am so thankful that she does have a loving Mommy and Daddy and about to come home soon. (I lost track of her until recently and then found your blog).
    Thank you so much for letting us follow along with you on this journey.

    She is just so precious but I cannot believe she is almost 4yrs old. She is so small! However, when she gets home she will grow at a rapid pace with all that love she is going to get.
    I cannot wait to see how well she does in her own pretty little bed at home with a Loving Mommy, Daddy, and a real family.


  9. I can't get enough of the pictures! I love the picture of her blowing Reed's nose! Can't wait to hear details in person.

  10. What a cutie! Teach her how to call the hogs yet?


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